The Best Graphic Design Magazines to Subscribe To

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date and inspired in the world of graphic design, subscribing to industry-related magazines can be a great way to access the latest trends, news, and creative insights. Here are some highly regarded graphic design magazines worth considering for a subscription:

  1. Communication Arts: Known as one of the most prestigious and influential graphic design magazines, Communication Arts showcases exceptional design works across various disciplines. It features insights from renowned designers, industry news, and a range of visually stunning portfolios.
  2. Eye Magazine: Eye is a well-respected international magazine that covers graphic design, typography, and visual culture. It delves into the historical relevance of design, contemporary trends, and critical commentary. Eye’s insightful articles and thought-provoking features make it a favorite among design professionals.
  3. Computer Arts: As the world’s leading magazine for digital artists and designers, Computer Arts focuses on digital creativity, design trends, and technical skills. It covers a wide range of topics, including graphic design, illustration, motion design, branding, and more. The magazine also includes tutorials, practical tips, and interviews with industry leaders.
  4. Print Magazine: Print is dedicated to visual culture and design, offering a broad range of content that includes graphic design, illustration, photography, and more. It features analysis of design trends, case studies, and showcases emerging talents. Print’s emphasis on design as a cultural force sets it apart as a must-read publication.
  5. Creative Review: Creative Review is a highly regarded design and advertising magazine that covers a wide spectrum of creative industries. It explores graphic design, advertising campaigns, branding, digital design, and photography, providing valuable insights and showcasing outstanding works.
  6. How: How magazine has been a trusted resource for graphic designers and creative professionals for several decades. It offers design inspiration, business advice, industry insights, and practical tips to help designers improve their skills and grow their careers.
  7. DPI magazine: DPI magazine provides a platform for publications, designers, and digital artists to showcase their work. It showcases cutting-edge design projects, offers in-depth interviews, and explores various design disciplines, including graphic design, illustration, and digital art.

Remember that some magazines offer both print and digital subscriptions, allowing you to choose the format that suits your preferences. Subscribing to a few of these reputable graphic design magazines will help you stay informed about industry trends, learn from talented designers, and find inspiration for your creative endeavors.